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Harry HaftSurvivor of Auschwitz,
Challenger of Rocky Marciano

Winner of the 1948 Jewish Heavyweight Championship, shown with his trophy of Apollo.Harry Haft

"After all I've been through, what harm can a man with gloves on his hands do to me?"- Harry Haft, 1948

About Harry Haft

The story of HARRY HAFT chronicles his experiences growing up as the youngest of ten children in a poor Jewish family in a small town in Poland in the 1920's and 30's, and charts his hellish journey through 5 different Nazi slave labor and extermination camps.

Harry was 16, about to be married when he was first captured by the Germans. He would not find his first love again until twenty years later.

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More About the Story

Harry Haft: Survivor of Auschwitz, Challenger of Rocky Marciano

Recording my Dad's memories of his harrowing life started out as a family history project assigned to me as the oldest son. The powerful story of a young Polish Jewish teen imprisoned in five different concentration camps, a young man's escape, and first taste of freedom made possible through sheer wits, fists and violence, to the ultimate story of a man, an illiterate immigrant who became a professional prize fighter facing Rocky Marciano in the ring, while a husband, and difficult father. The family project became my book, HARRY HAFT SURVIVOR OF AUSCHWITZ , CHALLENGER OF ROCKY MARCIANO, an International graphic novel, and now a major Hollywood motion picture.